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Beverly Ritz: Praise/Press

With her soft, sweet jazz, Beverly Ritz moves to a terrific mood, like floating in the clouds. Her CD, Blues For Django, is one of the top 15 recordings of 2016.
Your music is wonderful! Keep it going for us! Thanks for being such a lovely lady and a real jazz musician.
Beverly Ritz is a master of solo piano jazz.
(In reference to Beverly's 2015 video of "Threnody") My God, how beautiful, what I hear and see. Bella Beverly.
Thought-provoking and powerful, reminiscent of McCoy Tyner, chords worthy of Bill Evans...Buddy and Me is Beverly's definitive recording.
Scott Yanow - Liner notes for Buddy and Me (Aug 7, 2012)
I listened to your (Father's Day Piano Jazz, 2015) performance, and it was wonderful.
Catherine Rickbone - Catherine Rickbone, Executive Director of the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (Jun 21, 2015)
I love your music so much. You are one of the greatest jazz players of our time.
(In reference to "Blues for Django") I finally heard this masterpiece. What you create is beauty in sound. You have this amazing ability to form something so beautiful in your mind, put it down on paper, then bring it to life with your hands. So truly awe inspiring!
Jessica King, renowned hair stylist - (Sep 28, 2015)
I LOVED your Earth Day concert at Café Mundo!
Norm Streeter - Norman Streeter, jazz pianist (Apr 30, 2015)
Beverly, thanks for a wonderful afternoon of great jazz!
Yesterday morning I clicked on your link to Jango Radio and heard your entire Lacey Mae album. BRAVO!!!! I left for work not knowing the songs would repeat and repeat while I was gone. When I returned home my three cats were so serene from hearing your soothing music ALLLL DAY! :)
Linda Wilson - Vocalist/fan in Yachats, Oregon (Oct 2, 2010)
The concert was WONDERFUL!!
Carol Parsons - Audience member, 2011 Florence concert (Feb 27, 2011)
Your compositions are just as beautiful as the jazz standards you play!
Loretta - Audience member, 2010 Florence concert (Mar 21, 2010)
Thanks once more for the wonderful CD (Lacey Mae). I drive alot to and from my clients and have had it playing all day. This is my kind of music. It's things like this that always tend to brighten the soul.
John Anderson - Newport (OR) News Times (May 11, 2010)
Beverly, I am happy to hear what a great success your benefit concert was. If Jimmy Mak grants you a date at his club, I'll do everything I can to be there. If he doesn't, that would be a shame. It would also be Portland's loss.
Thank you for the pleasant afternoon of music. House concerts remind me of the chamber music concerts in Boston...I look forward to more when you move back to "civilization."
George Goldstein - Member of Florence, Oregon concert audience (Mar 22, 2010)
Actually, I was AT the concert...and your performance was lovely... The two songs I loved were Over the Rainbow and My Favorite Things.
Ron Titterington - Member of Florence, Oregon concert audience (Mar 28, 2010)
An excerpt from the 10-19-2009 review: "Summertime" is perhaps my favorite jazz standard, and Ritz's arrangement is dark, on the slinky side, and wonderful. John Coltrane's "Naima" is graceful, reflective, and very beautiful.
Her picturesque music features original chord voicings which are full of heartfelt emotions. Her solos are rhythmic, have a forward momentum, are often cinematic, and could accurately be called poetry without words. Her accessible and haunting style will appeal to many listeners and she has the potential to become a household name.
Anyone who likes jazz piano should be following both @GeoffLappTrio and @ritzymusic (Beverly Ritz).
I love what I am hearing. You're playing with passion and heart, and it's just beautiful.
You can feel the stream and see the redwoods towering overhead. Ms. Ritz delivers a beautiful set of evocative solo piano pieces.
You have always made beautiful music and always will...
Donni Shields - Fan in Baton Rouge, LA (Jun 25, 2010)
In an interview with Beverly, discussing the songs on LACEY MAE: "Where did you get those awesome chords?!"
LACEY MAE is a jewel beyond belief!
Award-winning Designer/Engineer Charles Pell
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