Beverly Ritz, renowned composer & jazz pianist, can be heard on NPR, jazz radio and countless radio stations all over the world.  In 2019, she released Blues for Django.  Four major jazz/NPR radio stations are already airing the new music:  KCCK in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, KOCF in Veneta, Oregon, KMUN in Astoria, Oregon, and KLCC in Eugene, 

Also her video of "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most" is on Herbie Hancock's website for International Jazz Day,



 ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ On January 29 and February 5, 2018, "Someday" and "Sky," the songs on Beverly Ritz's 45 RPM (Goldie Mae Records, 1983), were broadcast on Carlos Encargado's show on XRAY.FM in Portland, Oregon. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ On January 20, 2018, Beverly's recording of "It Might As Well Be Spring" was included in a show of "the great piano players" broadcast on KOCF FM Radio in Veneta, Oregon. The Freeformations special hosted by Chris Stilwell also included the music of Vince Guaraldi, Dave Brubeck, George Shearing, and Eliane Elias. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Blues For Django, was named one of the top 15 CDs by Luis Raul Montell of The Jazz Global Beat! ************************************************************************************************)Several standards from Blues For Django are in rotation on ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ In October of 2017, Beverly's recordings of "Take Five" and "I Remember Bill" were featured on a new jazz radio show on KOCF 92.5 FM in Veneta, Oregon. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ From Easter Sunday through Thanksgiving of 2016, Beverly performed solo piano jazz at the enchanting Patrick Creek Lodge and Historical Inn in northern California. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Doug Anders played "Moon River" from Blues For Django on KLCC in Eugene, Oregon! And Bob Naujoks played "I Have Dreamed" and "Gigi's Blues" from the new CD, along with tracks from both Lacey Mae and Buddy and Me, on Gentle Jazz on Jazz Radio KCCK in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Au'll Jazz Radio in Montgomery, Alabama also has added Blues For Django to its playlist. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Jazz critic Scott Yanow highly recommends Blues For Django. He states that Beverly's arrangement of "Moon River" reminds him of how the song would be interpreted by Herbie Hancock. He also was a big fan of Beverly's 2013 CD, Buddy and Me, commenting "Reminiscent of McCoy Tyner, chords worthy of Bill Evans." ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ "Beverly Ritz is a master of solo piano jazz." ~ Al Evans, host of Saturday Night Jazz on KMHD Jazz Radio for 8 years, jazz journalist, "Wow! Beautiful arrangement of Phantom of the Islands. Nicely done. I also like her version of Little Sunflower. Freddie Hubbard is no doubt smiling from the afterlife." ~ Doug Anders, host of Jazz Inside Out on KLCC in Eugene, OR "Beverly's music is wonderful! She is so full of talent and passion!" ~ Jessica Williams, world renowned pianist and composer "My God, how beautiful, what I hear and see. Bella!" ~ Luis Raul, Jazz Caribe "Beverly sounds like Marian McPartland!" ~ Sean Burke, blues guitarist ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ On December 12, 2015, Beverly Ritz performed solo piano jazz at the prestigious Palm Lounge in the Eureka Inn in Eureka, California. Her 24-song show included many songs from Blues for Django, as well as Christmas jazz! The crowd loved the music. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Beverly created and performed solo piano jazz for the Sunday Jazz Brunch at Café Mundo in Newport, Oregon from March 24, 2013 to September 28, 2014. She also created and performed for the Wednesday Evening Jazz Jam in the summer of 2014 at Café Mundo. In 2015 she gave two final concerts at the café: Earth Day Piano Jazz and Father's Day. .... ............ .................."Song For My Father" from Buddy and Me was featured on Doug Anders' 2014 and 2015 pre-Father's Day broadcasts of Jazz Inside Out on KLCC in Eugene, Oregon. "Song For My Mother" from Buddy and Me was featured on May 8, 2014 Jazz Inside Out program on KLCC! "Take Five" from Buddy and Me was featured on tribute to Dave Brubeck on KLCC! "It Might As Well Be Spring" from Buddy and Me was featured on Jazz Inside Out show celebrating spring! "Over The Rainbow" was broadcast on Orlando's NPR/Jazz station, WUCF! All songs from Buddy and Me, Lacey Mae, & By Rowdy Creek were played on Jazz Ambience Radio! ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ Beverly Ritz gave a stellar performance March 14, 2013 at a house concert in Waldport, Oregon on Alice and Peter Bregmans' 1937 Steinway D grand piano

****************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************ Beverly performed at Eden Hall in Gleneden Beach, Oregon on Sunday, November 4, 2012. The performance--to celebrate the life of Clarence Scott Allen--included songs from Buddy and Me, Lacey Mae, and By Rowdy Creek. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** "My Funny Valentine," from Buddy and Me, was aired on Jazz Inside Out with host Doug Anders on KLCC in Eugene, Oregon November 1, 2012! ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Al Evans, Portland, Oregon jazz d.j. and jazz journalist, played all 9 tracks from Lacey Mae (Beverly Ritz's 2009 CD) during a 9-week period!!!!!!!!! ************************************************************************************ "Buddy and Me is a wonderful addition to your late night playlist for Saturday or any other night!" ~ Al Evans, jazz disc jockey & jazz writer,, Portland,OR ************************************************************************************ "You certainly are a world-class musician. Your music reminds me of Marian McPartland, George Shearing, and Herbie Hancock. McCoy Tyner would love your chord solos! You should perform at The White House!" ~ Phil Mack, renowned jazz guitarist ************************************************************************************ "Keep the exquisite music coming. It is the voice of your beautiful soul." ~ Mikaela Norval, former executive director of the Lincoln City, OR Cultural Center ************************************************************************************ "Thank you so much for the video of your rendition of Poinciana. What a wonderful gift! Ahmad Jamal would be proud!" Wil LePaz, former jazz radio d.j./vocalist/jazz supporter in Portland, Oregon ************************************************************************************ On May 30, 2012, Beverly Ritz and her music were featured on Coffee Talk Jazz Radio in Long Beach, California. The 90-minute show evolved into more than 2 hours, as there were thousands of listeners calling in! In addition to Beverly answering a myriad of brilliant questions from host/executive producer Bridgette Lewis and co-host Diane Merino, seven songs from Lacey Mae and Buddy and Me were aired. More than 4100 fans downloaded the podcast of this amazing broadcast!! You can download the show at: *********************************************************************************** "You made that piano S-I-N-G!!!" ~ Bill Owen, Depoe Bay, Oregon piano tuner referring to the piano at Red Lotus Music, seen on Beverly Ritz's 2012 You Tube videos ************************************************************************************ "You found your calling, and your soul is planted deep in every song." ~ Robin Stein, fan in Miami, Florida ************************************************************************************ At the beginning of 2012, Beverly Ritz was inducted into the prestigious VIP Piano Club of Portland, Oregon! ************************************************************************************ On December 17, 2011, Beverly Ritz brought her unique piano jazz to the Waldport, Oregon Community Center where she dazzled a new group of fans with Christmas songs and jazz classics embracing harmonies never heard by these listeners before. Also, Beverly performed 6 of her works with The Lighthouse Children's Choir. *********************************************************************************** 150 piano jazz fans filled the auditorium of the Lincoln City Cultural Center in Lincoln City, Oregon on July 30, 2011 to hear Beverly Ritz's jazz classics arrangements and her elegant original music. "Your concert was a huge success for the Lincoln City Cultural Center. It's the most money they've raised at one benefit." ~ Mikaela Norval, former executive director of The Lincoln City Cultural Center *********************************************************************************** "You are truly an inspiration to jazz lovers everywhere." ~ Al Evans, former d.j. of Saturday Night Jazz at KMHD in Portland, OR ********************************************************************************* "Beverly, thanks for a wonderful afternoon of great jazz!!" ~ Dan Mandish, jazz vocalist in Portland, OR/guest at Beverly's 4-16 performance ********************************************************************************** "The concert was WONDERFUL!!" ~ Carol Parsons, audience member at 2-27-11 Florence concert ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ Beverly's performance on April 16, 2011 was an Arbor Day celebration in Southshore, Oregon. The music Miss Ritz chose for this special performance focused on songs about trees ("Poinciana" and "Under the Redwood Trees"), songs about spring ("It Might as Well Be Spring," "Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most," "By Rowdy Creek," and "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning"), AND songs about cats. The host of the occasion, Darrell Hadley, has two cats, Bandit and Cody, who seem genuinely enthused by Beverly's cat songs. And so she played The Jetty Cat Song ("At the Jetty"), "Poor Mister Gray," and "The Cat in the Forest." ~Following in Marian McPartland's footsteps,(, Beverly Ritz is truly on a mission to preserve and perform jazz classics and to introduce new compositions to jazz fans all over the world.~ On Sunday, February 27, 2011, in her second house concert at Kathy Parsons' inspiring home in Florence, Oregon, Beverly Ritz achieved a personal record with a flawless performance of some of the most challenging jazz standards and original compositions. ************************************************************************************ "Lacey Mae is the 2009 release by Beverly Ritz. A blending of West Coast Cool and modern impressionism, Ritz's nine solo piano tracks are made up of six jazz standards and three original pieces. The songs are vey different from each other, but Ritz gives them all a "cool" and relaxing treatment that creates a consistently pleasant mood from start to finish. Some of her unusual chord voicings add spice to her arrangements, but there are no jarring discordances or "acid" moments..... Ritz begins with Freddie Hubbard's "Little Sunflower." Its gentle rhythm and languid pace set the tone of the album. The left hand creates the feeling of a lazy breeze that causes the "head" of the sunflower to dance along in an unhurried and carefree way. Ritz's arrangement of "Summertime" is slinky and wonderful. You can almost feel the humidity coming through the notes! John Coltrane's "Naima" is graceful, reflective, and beautiful..." Kathy Parsons, ********************************************************************************** From Lacey Mae's introduction by renowned jazz critic Scott Yanow: "Her picturesque music features original chord voicings. Her solos are rhythmic, have a forward momentum, are often cinematic, and could accurately be called poetry without words. Her accessible and haunting style will appeal to many listeners and she has the potential to become a household name." Award-winning designer/engineer Charles Pell exclaims: "Now you have really done it, big time! The album (Lacey Mae) is a jewel beyond belief--it's truly gorgeous and I love it!"